Naturopathic Doctors follow 6 guiding principles:

1) First, Do No Harm

2) The Healing Power of Nature

Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. Once we remove obstacles in our way, we can watch as our bodies do the amazing work of helping us get better. We can speed this process along with constitutional hydrotherapy treatments.

3) Find The Cause

My goal as a naturopathic doctor is always to find the root cause of the disease. Our bodies give us symptoms to tell something is wrong. If we suppress the symptoms, we may feel better temporarily, but our bodies will eventually give us more symptoms. However, if we find and treat the root cause, we can create sustainable health.

4) Treat the Whole Person

We are whole people with feelings, stress, thoughts, genetics, relationships, etc. All of these factors contribute to who you are and possibly how you got sick. Naturopathic doctors make longer appointments to gather this information, figure out the root cause(s) and develop targeted wellness plans.

5) Preventive Medicine

My goal is to help patients find sustainable health. By building a strong foundation of wellness, we can prevent many illnesses, thus saving valuable time and money.

6) Doctor as Teacher

There is so much general health information out there. Naturopathic doctors focus on your unique susceptibility and health. Only then can we make specific suggestions focused on getting you healthier.

Nancy Mach